BzCRM - the Network of Business (Net of Bz) presents the Business Customer Relationship Management Program as a Free Service so all Busineses can succeed. All of the Programs offered by Net of Bz are FREE, including Membership.

Trust our Experience to Manage Your Business

BzCRM is a Business Customer Relationship Management On Demand Cloud Application Program that provides sales, marketing and support tools to efficiently and effectively collaborate to provide an optimized method of increasing sales. The BzCRM Program saves you time by Automating Sales, Marketing and Inventory Management into one cohesive program.

All of the Network of Business (NofB) programs are Free including BzCRM. BzCRM provides more features than any CRM. We've built a private customer self service portal for your customers or clients. It has secure access controls for orders, inventory, prices, etc. It's similar to an internal website where customers/clients receive automated invoicing, status on shipments, sales information, etc. Our Sales Force Automation interacts live with 2 Way Video Communication so your Sales Reps can Display and Demo Products. We didn't stop there - NofB provides NetVisionTV so you can Netcast Product Information in Live Streaming Video Shows.

BzCRM is all about a method of obtaining business sales & service for your company. To View the Six BzCRM Programs - Click Here.



We put the Bz in SFA that includes the key activities needed for success, including Lead Management, Opportunity Management, Account & Contact Management, Sales Pipeline Management, Sales Forecasting, Sales Analytics, etc. It's Free, E-Z to use.


BzCRM provides Campaign Management and E-mail Marketing Modules for organization-wide marketing. Our other related modules, such as Calendaring, Contact Management and Reports assist in the Marketing Program.


BzCRM extends beyond traditional CRM to provide a complete sales cycle management by integrating Inventory Management functions, such as Products, Price Books, V endors, Sales Quotes, Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, and Invoices with CRM modules.


Bz CRM supports advanced security management functions including roles, hierarchies, profiles and groups. This enables flexible access control to view and edit functions based on role, management hierarchy and group membership.


BzCRM provides enterprise quality Customer Support & Service features, such as Knowledge Management, Customer Self Service Portal, Reports, and Support Statistics specifically useful for your organization's customer support force.


BzCRM provides effective solutions to combine powerful project planning and scheduling features with collaboration tools for teams. BzCRM makes it easy to plan, organize, set priorities and manage projects from beginning to end.


Many Industries use Bz CRM. We've described various industries and explain how these industries benefit from using Bz CRM by applying the many features of our program modules. Users can select any or all of the modules to customize their Business Management Program.


Getting Started introduces the user to a number of useful functions and concepts to help start working with the BzCRM. Getting Started provides the information required to complete the most essential tasks needed to get started and get the most of BzCRM experience.


Customizing Configurations allows you to create, edit, add, custom fields, section, permissions and more to records, charts, etc. Show or hide related lists based on the organization’s business. Create custom list views to filter records based on a certain criteria.