Configuration - Business Hours

Business Hours

Business Hours are the working hours of your company’s sales or support representatives. Configure Business Hours in BzCRM, so that BzCRM knows to automatically stop the clock when outside of the configured business hours.

Where are Business Hours Useful?

  1. Business Hours are essential for the following reasons:
    • To calculate Case response times and SLAs
  2. When calculating elapsed time, BzCRM will only consider working hours.
    • Appointments

When displaying open slots for meetings, only slots during working hours are shown.

Configuring Business Hours

To configure Business hours, follow these simple steps

  1. Click icon and select Settings
  2. In Settings page, select Business Hours under Configuration tab
  3. To create one, click on Add Business Hour button
  4. Give a name for Business Hour. For example, for India based customers, set the name as India Business Hours
  5. Select time zone from the Operational Time Zone drop-down menu. Example, Asia/Kolkata
  6. Enable the Default checkbox for this Business Hour to apply to all the new cases.
  7. Enable all the checkboxes of your working days and select start time and end time of your working hours.
  8. Click on Add interval button to add time intervals such as Lunch/Tea break specifying the interval time.
  9. To add more working days, click on Add working day button.

  1. Next, set up the Holidays section - specify the dates your support team will be unavailable.

  1. Click on Add Holiday button to create a holiday record.
  2. Enter the date and holiday name for the record.
  3. Once you have added all the details, click on Save button.

To delete a Business Hour, click on a Delete icon in list view. The record will be deleted permanently.

Business Hours for an SLA

When creating an SLA and the target response times, you would need to select the Business Hours that are to be considered. Every new Case created will get associated Business Hours from the SLA

User Level Business Hours

User level Business Hours are useful for Appointments Module. For each user, one of the Business Hours can be selected from the preferences page, by the admin or by the user.