Configurations - Modules

Creating and Importing Modules

Creating a New Module

Follow few simple steps to create a module

  1. Hover over icon and click Settings
  2. Click Module Management > Modules
  3. Click Create Module.
Note! Only Administrators can create and Manage the Custom Modules under settings.

In the Module Builder page, follow these steps:

Step 1: Basic Information

Enter Module name, label, and other properties

Fields Information

Field Name Description
Module Label Give a name to the custom module. Ex: Workforce.
Singular Module Label For some actions, such as Adding a new record, we need to know what a single record of the module is to be called. For example, each record in the Workforce module will be called as a Workforce. By default, the system takes the module name and removes the trailing ‘s’ to obtain the Singular module name. You can edit it if it is different. Menu Category This is the Category in the All menu at the top, under which this module should appear. Ex: Project Management. Record Identifier This is the field which is used to identify a record in the module. When referencing to records in this module, this field will be displayed. Ex: Workforce Name.
  1. Click on Create button to proceed.

Step 2: Adding Blocks and Fields to Your Module.

In addition to default fields offered by the BzCRM, you can create custom fields and blocks to the custom module using [ Add Block] and [ Add Custom Field] Tabs. Click Next to proceed.

Step 3: Choose Columns For Your Default List.

This step allows you to select the records view in the custom module. Select desired columns you would like to see in the default list view of the module. Click Next.

Step 4: Add Relationships.

You can relate a record in the custom module to any record in existing modules and specify the type of relationships.

Follow few simple steps to Add relationships

  1. Click on Add Relationship button.
  2. Select the Related module from the drop-down.
  3. Select any of the 4 relationship types, One to One, One to Many, Many to One, Many to Many.
  4. Add the reference field for both the modules. You can add multiple relationships to the default modules.
  5. Click on Save.

The module is now ready! and can be accessed from Menu.

Delete Module

  1. Hover over icon and click Settings
  2. Click Module Management > Modules
  3. Search for the Module Name (ex: Workforce)
  4. Click on Workforce on the right
  5. Click Delete from drop-down list.
  6. Confirm YES to delete.

Note! Deleting the custom module doesn’t affect the existing module records.


  1. How do I enable Comments for the new custom module?
    • By default, Comments will be added to the custom module. If you don’t find the comments tab, follow these steps
      1. Hover on Menu and click on Settings
      2. Click on Module Layouts and fields label
      3. Select the custom module from the drop-down
      4. Click on Relationship tab
      5. Click Add Relationship button
      6. Here, select the related module as Comments and click Save.

This is how you enable the Comments tab for the custom module.