Configurations - Left Menu

Organizing Menu Bar

Left Menu

Left Menu helps you to place most frequently accessed modules on Module Navigator of a particular App.

With the help of Left Menu, you can have most frequently accessed BzCRM modules on your App menu bar. This will ensure easy navigation and switch between different modules within the App. Also, you can shuffle/rearrange their positions according to your requirements.

For instance, Sales reps frequently access sales related modules: Contacts, Leads, Invoices, etc. They can have frequently visited modules on the Sales App menu bar.

Follow few simple steps to configure desired modules on App menu bar

  1. Click and select Settings
  2. Click Configuration > Left Menu
  3. All active modules in BzCRM are available for selection. Select desired modules from the list of modules under each App.
  4. Drag and drop the bar to rearrange the modules in an App menu.
  5. Refresh your page to see desired items on your App menu bar.