Configuration - Module Numbering

Module Numbering

Every record in a module will have a unique number. You can customize the record numbering as per your business needs.

BzCRM offers default numbering corresponding to every module in BzCRM. We recommend you to customize your record numbering prior to inputting data into your BzCRM account - because this feature doesn’t affect the numbering of existing records.

Follow few simple steps to customize numbering of your records

  1. Click icon and select Settings
  2. Click Module Manager > Module Numbering
Field Description
Select Module Select the desired module to customize numbering of records in it
Use Prefix Provide the desired prefix. This will be automatically populated in the detail view of selected module > [Module] number field. Module can be Contacts, Leads, etc.,
Start Sequence Provide the sequence where numbering should be started. These record numbers are updated in chronological order beginning from your start sequence number
  1. Click Save.

After successfully customizing record numbering, you can see that the records that are imported or created after the customization will automatically populate prefix, and a sequence number is updated chronologically.

Note! The sequence numbering will start on creating a new record.

  1. Once the sequence numbering is entered and saved it cannot be changed to any lower value, irrespective of a record being created or not.
  2. The newly created records will have the new sequence number.
  3. To start the sequence numbering from the beginning, you need to provide a different prefix.

* For example, Invoice Module - Instead of INV you can use the prefix as INV-OCT-2016