Configuration - Scheduler


The scheduler is executed behind the screens periodically to perform different tasks in BzCRM. You can do enabling/disabling of desired tasks from execution. Most importantly, it automates a lot of operations by running Cron in the background.

Here’s list of tasks that are performed when Cron runs automatically

# Task Name Description
1. Workflow Sending emails, creating events and tasks, updating fields, creating entity records, and invoking custom functions are triggered by scheduler.
2. Send Reminder The email reminder that is sent to you to remind yourself of the upcoming event is triggered by scheduler.
3. Recurring Invoice Recurring Invoices that are automatically created from sales order records are triggered by scheduler.
4. Mail Scanner The incoming emails are scanned and appropriate entities are created automatically with the help of scheduler.
5. Scheduled Import If your import file contains more than 1000 records, your import is scheduled to be completed with the help of scheduler.
6. Email Campaigns To create email campaigns and send email templates to subscribers and keep track of emails that interest’s your customers.
7. Auto Google Sync To sync Google Contacts/Calendar with BzCRM and vice versa, that keeps you updated, on both sides.
8. Schedule Reports To send Reports in .csv format at regular intervals to specific users through email.

You can disable the tasks that you do not want scheduler to execute. For instance, if you don’t want workflow tasks to be executed, you can disable it by making it inactive.

  1. Hover over icon and click Settings.
  2. Click Scheduler under Automation.
  3. Now click on edit icon next to the corresponding task to enable or disable it or modify frequency

  1. Click Save
  1. All the Cron jobs having Frequency (H: M) 00:00 will execute when its needed, remaining jobs will execute based on given frequency.
  2. The last scan will get updated only when the Cron is executed.