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Email Templates

Email Templates module is now enhanced with ultra-customizable responsive HTML email templates, simple blueprints and a powerful and flexible drag and drop editor.

The Email Templates allows you to create beautiful emails in just seconds. Simply drag-and-drop to add and edit email sections, text, images, and formatting. Your created emails can then be saved and sent to leads or contacts through email campaigns or as individual emails.

This feature enables you to

  1. Edit, one of the 40+, included templates using the drag-and-drop editor, or the HTML/CSS editor.
  2. Create a new template from scratch with the drag-and-drop editor, or use HTML/CSS.
  3. Add text, images, formatting, HTML & CSS.
  4. Design your email templates for regular Newsletters, Transaction processing, Monthly updates, Maintenance alert, etc.

Creating Email Templates

Create or choose the default templates for sending out emails.

Follow these simple steps to create a new email template

  1. Hover on icon.
  2. Click Email Templates under TOOLS.
  3. Click button.

How Do You Want to Create a Template?

  1. Themes - Use the beautiful predesigned themes provided by BzCRM to personalize your Email content. The predesigned themes offer some categories to choose including Newsletters, Welcome, Educational, Order Status, Greetings and so on.

  1. Blueprints - You can start with a simpler layout selected from Blueprints and customize with your images, colors, content, styles as you required.

  1. My Templates - Templates created by all the users (including you) will be available here to reuse. These templates will appear in your list view. You can use these templates while sending an Email campaign or ad-hoc emails.
  1. By Coding - Code your own template or import the HTML file from your system.

  1. Drag and Drop feature is not supported by coded and imported templates.
  2. The imported file should be of .html format.

Create Email Templates Using Existing Themes

  1. Select the type of Theme from the drop-down list.

  1. Next, select the template from the set of Theme-based templates.

  1. Give a name to your template and select a module from the drop-down list; relevant to your Campaign. For, e.g., Contacts module to send Payments details.

  1. Enter the subject which will be populated as the Subject of an email. Add a description, if required.
  2. You can customize the template by editing the text using a web text editor, adding the content, modifying the styles and adding merge tags. You can also view the template’s code.
    • Text - The email template text can be edited by using the web-text editor.

    • Content - Your email templates are incomplete without the contents such as social media links, copyrights, teaser, unsubscribe link, etc. We provide you a bunch of pre-designed content to make your email template look beautiful. Just drag and drop the content designer in the web text editor at the desired part of the template.

    • Style - Customize size, style and add the background color, padding, border, CSS to your template, block, cell and elements to make them look more real and colorful. Click Apply button before you move to next step.

    • Merge Tags - Include respective module’s fields as well as the general fields such as Current Date and Time, Company Details, Portal Details, etc. in the template

    • Source Code - View the source code of your template.

  1. Click on Preview button to review the enhanced template in both Desktop and Mobile versions.
  2. If you are satisfied with the template, click on Save.
  3. On save, if you still want to make changes to the template you can edit or delete or duplicate it.
  4. All your personalized templates will be saved in the My Templates folder and also appear in the List view for select.
Note! Creating a template from Blueprints involves the same procedure as Themes.

To learn more about how to design an Email Template in detail using Themes or Blueprints, Click here.

By Coding

Code your template or import them from your system.

  • Code Myself - Create a template by coding/pasting the code. Start coding in the Source tab. You can see the result in the text area. You can also use the “web text editor” menu option and the merge tags to customize your template.
  • Import HTML - Import an HTML file from your system and personalize as required.

Using an Email Template

You can populate your email template by clicking on Select Email Template button in Compose Email pop-up window while sending out emails.

Follow few simple steps to populate an email template while sending out emails

  1. Click on Select Email Template button

  1. Select the desired email template.
  2. After selecting an email template, click on Send button. We are done. Emails have reached your customers’ mailboxes!

Track which email templates are doing well by viewing the Stats (Sent Vs. No. of Clicks, No. of Opens) by Email template.

Delete Email Templates

You can delete/remove sample Email Templates by following these steps

  1. Click icon
  2. Click Email Templates under TOOLS
  3. Click the checkbox beside the email template name from the list view
  4. Click Trash above the list view
  5. In the confirmation pop-up window Click Yes.
Notes! When inserting images in emails, Outlook might show the image in actual size than the specified size. Please resize the image using tools such as Photoshop, Github, and Image-Resizer.