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Workflows - Create Record

This task allows you to automatically create records when workflow condition is satisfied on parent record.

We will consider two different modules: Projects and Project Tasks to demonstrate how this task works.

Follow the steps to create a Record

  1. Click icon and click Settings.
  2. Click Workflows and Automation.
  3. Click on top right corner.
  4. In the ‘Creating Workflow’ page, under the ‘Workflow’ tab, Select Project from the Target Module dropdown
  5. Provide a small description
  6. Under ‘Workflow Trigger’ options, select the Project Creation radio-button

  1. Workflow to create a new project task record when Priority of the Project is High.

  1. Click on Add Action button and Select Create Record.
  2. Now provide an Action title. In the Modules to create record dropdown, select the desired child record that you’d like to be created when workflow conditions are satisfied on parent record. Project Tasks as a child module. That means, in simple words, every time a project is created, if priority is high, a project task should be automatically created.
  3. Upon selecting a child module, all mandatory fields in that module are displayed. You’ll need to fill in the information that you’d like to have in the child record that’ll be created when workflow conditions are met on parent module.
    For instance, my parent module is Projects and child module is Project Tasks. When the workflow is executed, I want Testing and bugs reporting task to be automatically created. When the project task is created, I also want it to have basic information.

  1. You can take help of your parent module (Projects in this example) to populate fields of child module (Project Tasks). From the example above, Project Task Name is raw text Testing and bugs reporting. I’ve selected ‘Projects’ from the drop-down in the second row to populate information of Project into Project Task. Now Assigned to, Related to, Start Date and End Date are fields of Parent Module (Projects) that will show up in child record (Project Tasks).
  1. Option to set the record identifier of the referrer record in Workflow actions.
    For example: When an Opportunity is Closed Won, set up a Workflow to create a new Project. Via Create Record action, set Organization value of the new Project using Project > Organization = Opportunity > Organization ID
  2. Workflows run in instance owner context, even if record owner doesn’t have write permissions.
    Example: Consider a Workflow configured such that, when a Lead status=HOT, create an Opportunity record.
    Now let’s say, a Sales rep [Samir Malik] doesn’t have the permission to create an Opportunity. Samir edits a Lead record and sets Lead Status=HOT.
    As a result, Opportunity record gets created with the created by/last modified field as instance owner.
  3. Scheduled workflows always run in instance owner context.
  4. In record updates section, the Workflow update icon has changed to System icon with the workflow name.

  1. Click Save.