Customer Support Management - WorkFlows

SMS Task

BzCRM CRM gives you the flexibility to send SMS notifications to your customers.

You can also automate the process of sending SMS notifications with the help of workflows. Before setting up SMS Task, you’ll need to make sure that your SMS Notifier is configured. We support popular text messaging services such as Text Any Where and Clickatell. I will try to explain how to set up a workflow to automate the process of sending SMS to Leads.

The goal behind the workflow we are now trying to set up is to send SMS notifications to leads when Lead Status is Pre-Qualified.

  1. Click icon and click Settings
  2. Click Workflows under Automation.
  3. Click on top right corner.
  4. In the ‘Creating Workflow’ page, under the ‘Workflow’ tab, Select Leads from the Target Module dropdown
  5. Provide description for future reference
  6. Under ‘Workflow Trigger’ options, select the Lead updated (Includes Creation) radio-button, under Recurrence Only first-time conditions are met

  1. Provide desired condition. My condition is Lead Status is Pre-Qualified. This workflow is going to send me an email only if this condition is satisfied.

  1. In third and final step, you’ll need to compose message body and select the customer’s phone field on which SMS should be sent. You can select desired phone number field from Recipients field. Compose SMS body in SMS Text.

  1. After composing SMS, Click Save.
Notes! You can also select field variables from Add Fields field. Field variables will be displayed as appropriate field values when SMS​ is received. For instance, $firstname will populate customer’s first name information from the corresponding record.