Inventory Management - Price Books

Price Books

Create Price Books Manually

You can enter Price Book details manually from Price Books Module. This might come handy if you will have to enter Price Book details individually.

Steps to create Price Book records manually

  1. Click icon
  2. Click Price Books under INVENTORY
  3. In Price Books tab, click on Add Price Book button.
  4. In the Create Price Book view fill in all the details.
  5. Click on Save

Quick Create

You can enter basic details of Price Book record through Quick create. This might be helpful if you are running out of time.

Steps to create Price Book records through Quick create

  1. Click Icon on top right corner
  2. Click Price Book
  3. In the Create Price Book view, fill in the Price Book details
  4. Click Save

Adding Products to Price Books

You can add any number of products under the price book by marking the prices manually.

Steps to add products to Price Book manually

  1. After adding the Price book manually, there would be a list of secondary modules that can be linked to the created price book.
  2. Select “Products” under it, it will redirect to the page from where the products can be added.

  1. Under it, click on the Select Products button, it redirects to a new tab which shows the list of products.
  2. Select any number of products by enabling the check mark, once the check mark gets enabled, it gives the access to list out the desired List Price for the selected product where the price can be entered manually.
  3. After selecting the product(s), click on the Add to PriceBooks button. It gets added in the selected price book.
Note! Follow the same process to add Services to Price Books.

Working with Price Books

You can modify the list price of Product or Service to suit different customer groups.

  • Unit Price: Predefined price fixed by the manufacturer.
  • List Price: Price that can be varied by the Seller.

Steps to associate Price Books with Products and Services.

  1. Click desired Price Book record.
  2. Click Products in related modules list in detail view
  3. Click Select Products button
  4. Click checkbox​ of desired product and modify List Price
  5. Click Add to Price Books button.

While creating Invoices, Sales Orders, and Quotes, you have an option to pre-fill all line items selling price with the selected Pricebook. Also, you can select the price books by clicking on icon highlighted below. This can be found in Item Details block.