Inventory Management - Purchase Order

Purchase Order

A purchase order is a legal document handed over to a Vendor to purchase Products or Services. It offers you a channel to explain your requirements and intentions explicitly. Purchase Orders comprise the purchase order number, vendor details, product or service details, terms and conditions, prices, etc.

Create Purchase Order

You can easily create a purchase order by entering information in the fields provided.

Follow few simple steps to create a purchase order

  1. Click icon
  2. Click Purchase Orders under INVENTORY
  3. In the list view of the purchase order module, click Add Purchase Order on the top right
  4. Provide necessary information the fields, and click Save

List View Actions

List view of the Purchase Order module enables you to perform mass actions like editing, deleting and filtering records in bulk. In addition, you can also edit fields, workflows and picklist values.

Follow few simple steps to manage operations in the list view of Purchase Order module

  1. Click icon.
  2. Click Purchase Orders under INVENTORY.
  3. Click on checkboxes of desired Purchase Order records beforehand performing edit and delete operations in bulk.
  4. Click Edit to modify Invoices record(s) in bulk
  5. Click Delete to delete Invoices record(s) in bulk
  6. Click, New List to create a new view and sort desired records in one bucket
  7. Click to edit:
    • Fields to configure fields through Layout Editor
    • Workflows to set up workflows through Workflows
    • Picklist Fields to configure picklist fields through Picklist Editor

Detail View Actions

Detail view of Invoice record enables you to perform actions like editing, deleting, cloning, exporting the existing record in PDF format, etc.

Follow few simple steps to manage operations in detail view of Purchase Order module

  1. From the Sales Order list view, select the desired record
  2. In the record view, find the below shortcut icons to perform the actions.
Icons Actions
Mark the record as favorite, to get notified, on any record updates
Tag the record under a preferred section
Share the record with the recipients, via email
Set a reminder to come back later and review the record
Edit a record to modify field information
More options such as delete, print or export record in pdf format, send email, create Invoice, generate purchase order or subscription, and delete record
  1. Click Add Tag to create a new tag. More details
Note! If you generate a Purchase Order on a product, the stock units are increased and values are updated in the respective Product Quantity and Stock field.