Inventory Management - Recurring Invoice

Recurring Invoice

Your organization might have to create invoices periodically depending on the businesses you deal. BzCRM gives you the flexibility to generate recurring invoices from Sales Order.

Follow few simple steps to create recurring invoices

  1. Click icon
  2. Click Sales Order under SALES
  3. Click on desired sales order record
  4. In the Edit view of a sales order record, you can find Recurring Invoice Information block

# Field Name Description
1. Enable Recurring Enable the check-box to initiate generating invoices periodically
2. Start Period Specify or select a date on which your first invoice should be generated
3. Payment Duration Select the number of days within which your customer is supposed to make payment. Also, in the invoice record, Due Date is calculated as Invoice generated date + Payment Duration
4. Frequency Invoice generating cycle depends on the frequency you set. For instance, if you select Monthly, invoice is generated once in every month after Start Date
5. End Period Specify or select a date on which you want your invoice to stop generating
6. Invoice Status The newly created invoice record picks up this status automatically.

Associating Sales Orders With Other Records

This will display all-round view of relations of Sales Orders module with other modules and maintains a log of the complete history.

Updates To track all modifications done on sales order record

Field Name Description
Activities To schedule a task
Documents To associate documents with current sales order record
Invoice To view the invoice record created from current sales order record