Inventory Management - Vendors


A vendor is a person or organization that supplies Products or Services to your company. A vendor can also be a manufacturer or a re-seller.

Create Vendors

You can easily create a Vendor record by entering information in the fields provided.

Follow few simple steps to create a vendor record

  1. Click icon
  2. Click Vendors under INVENTORY
  3. Click [ + ADD VENDOR] Tab on the top right

Provide necessary information in the fields, and Click Save

Quick Create a Vendor

You can enter basic details of Vendor record through Quick create. This might be helpful if you are running out of time.

Follow few simple steps to create Vendor records through Quick Create

  1. Click Icon on top right corner
  2. Click Vendor
  3. In the Create Vendor view, fill in the vendor details
  4. Click Save

Importing Vendors From .csv File

BzCRM supports importing Vendors from external sources in .csv file format. As it saves lots of time and efforts, it might come in really helpful for your sales team to import thousands of records instantly.

Exporting Vendors to External Source

If you ever want your data in the form of a spreadsheet, you can export your vendor records right away.

Follow few simple steps to export your data

  1. Click icon
  2. Click Vendors under INVENTORY
  3. Select records to export
  4. Click More button > Export
  5. In the Export Data page, you will find the following options

  1. Select the radio button against the Export Data list
  2. Click Export Vendors button.

Operations you can perform in list view of Vendors module

List view of Vendors module enables you to perform mass actions like editing, deleting, importing and filtering records in bulk. In addition, you can also edit fields, workflows and picklist values.

Follow few simple steps to manage operations in list view of Vendors module

  1. Click icon
  2. Click Vendors under INVENTORY.
  3. Click on checkboxes of desired Vendor records beforehand performing edit and delete operations
  4. Click Edit to modify record(s) in bulk
  5. Click Delete to delete record(s) in bulk
  6. Click > Create New Filter to create a new view and sort desired records in one bucket
  7. Click on to edit:
    • Fields to configure fields through Layout Editor
    • Workflows to set up workflows through Workflows
    • Picklist Fields to configure picklist fields through Picklist Editor
    • Edit Module Sequence Numbering through Module Sequence Numbering.

Setup Webforms

Operations you can perform in detail view of Vendor record

Detail view of vendor record enables you to perform actions like editing, deleting, cloning, exporting the existing record in PDF format, etc.,

Follow few simple steps to manage operations in detail view of Vendors module

  1. From the Vendors list view, select the desired record
  2. In the record view, find the below shortcut icons to perform the actions.
Icons Actions
Mark the record as favorite, to get notified, on any record updates
Tag the record under a preferred section
Share the record with the recipients, via email
Set a reminder to come back later and review the record
Edit a record to modify field information
More options such as delete, print or export record in pdf format, send email, generate purchase order or subscription, delete record, etc.

Associating Vendors with Other Records

This will display all-round view of relations of Vendors module with other modules and maintains a log of the complete history.

You can keep track of following details in Vendors module

List Description
Products To view the Products associated with Vendor record
Purchase Order To view the Purchase Orders associated with Vendor record
Contacts To view the Contacts associated with Vendor record
Emails To view the emails sent to Vendor record