Marketing Automation - Campaigns


Campaigns offer your marketing team the ability to schedule and execute mass marketing campaigns. With BzCRM create effective marketing campaigns with the selected list of leads, contacts, opportunities, and organizations.

Creating Campaigns Manually

You can enter Campaign details manually from Campaigns Module. This might come handy if you have to enter Campaign details individually.

Steps to create Campaign records manually

  1. Click icon
  2. Click Campaigns under Marketing
  3. Click on Add Campaign button on the top right
  4. In the Create Campaign view, fill in the Campaign details
  5. Click Save

Quick Create

You can enter basic details of Campaign record through Quick create. This might be helpful if you are running out of time.

Steps to create Campaign records through Quick create

  1. Click Icon on top right corner
  2. Click Campaign
  3. In the Create Campaign view, fill in the Campaign details
  4. Click Save

Sending Emails

You can send emails to the selected list of Leads, Contacts, and Organization records. You can select records from existing list, filters, or you can create records manually.

Steps to create an Emailing list

  1. Click icon
  2. Select Campaigns from Marketing
  3. In the detail view of desired Campaign record, click on Contacts icon

  1. Click Select Contacts button to select from existing records or click to Add Contact
  2. Click Sync MailChimp to add list of MailChimp Contacts list
  3. After your list is finalized, click Send Email button to start sending emails

  1. You can select an email template, or you can edit your mail and send it