Marketing Automation - Email

Create Regular Email Campaign

How to create an Email Campaign?

Follow these steps to create an Email Campaign

  1. Click icon.
  2. Click Email Campaigns under MARKETING
  3. Click New Email Campaign from top right and Select Regular Campaign from drop-down list
  4. Fill Campaign Details in the First Step

Step 1: Email Campaign Details

You’ll need to provide basic details of campaign in Campaign Details. The email your customers receive will be displayed to have come from the email in From Email field. For that reason, the email address you provide in From Email field should be verified beforehand sending campaigns.

Here’s how to get your From Email verified

  1. Provide an email address in From Email field
  2. As you shift your mouse pointer from the From Email field, verification message is displayed next to it
  3. If your email is not verified yet, click on Verify Now button
  4. After clicking on Verify Now button, an email will be sent to corresponding email address.
  5. To confirm that you are authorized to use the email address, click on the URL provided in the email
  6. Once your email address is verified, the verification message in green is displayed next to your From Email field

Detail information of fields in Campaign Details section is provided below

    • Campaign Name: Provide desired name for your campaign
    • From Name: The email your customers receive will be displayed to have come from the name you provide in this field
    • From Email: The email your customers receive will be displayed to have come from the email address you provide in this field
    • Assigned to: The user or group selected from the drop-down is owner of the campaign
  1. Click Next

Step 2: Add Marketing List

After providing information in Campaign Details, you will need to select a list from Marketing List. You can also segment your list by providing conditions. If you have too many lists, you can search for appropriate list through search option. If it requires creating a new marketing list, you can do that, too. You can click on Create Marketing List to create a list from within Select Marketing list view.

Segmenting Lists

You send tens of thousands of email campaigns to your customers every day, often for promotional purposes. Few email campaigns, however, target only a particular set of the audience under specific criteria. You need not have to create all new marketing list again. You can rather segment your existing list and send email campaigns to the specific section of the list.

Here’s how to segment your list

  1. In the Select Marketing view, click on Segment drop-down next to the desired list

  1. You’ll have to provide conditions to segment your list.
  2. Click Apply

With the help of segmentation feature, you can send emails to the targeted audience. This also contributes to the health of your email campaigning.

Step 3: Select Template

After selecting Marketing list, you’ll need to select an email template you’d like to send them. We recommend you to build your email template beforehand creating the email campaign. As we discussed before, default email templates have preview whereas custom email templates are displayed in green.

You can view the existing templates in either list view or thumbnail view based upon the selection in Marketing List.

List View: To view in list view click on the list-view button as shown below

Thumbnail View: To view in thumbnail view click on the thumbnail view button as shown below

Here’s how to select an email template

  1. Click on desired email template
  2. After the selection, preview is displayed to help you make adjustments in style
  3. Click Edit for editing and make necessary changes to the template

Edit Template

  1. You can edit the template according to your requirements.

You can also add BzCRM documents as links in the template. Before doing so, ensure that you’ve uploaded the file to BzCRM Documents.

Next, follow these steps to attach a file as a link in the Email Campaign.

  • In the edit template page, click on Merge Tags tab.
  • Click on Browse CRM button. All the internal Documents are displayed.

  • Select the document to be attached as a link.

  1. Click Next

Unsubscribe Link

Include unsubscribe links in your emails to improve the deliverability rates. If unsubscribes link is unavailable or mis-located, there are chances of marking the email as spam.

Step 4: Review & Send

One last step before you send your campaign. The summary of information provided in previous steps is displayed in the final step. You can preview the details and click on Edit button to go back to corresponding step to modify details, if necessary. You can also test your email campaign before you send it.

Test Email

After all your endeavors in your email campaigns whether it is merge tags or images or html code itself, you’d definitely like to test it before sending. That’s what this feature helps you do.

Clicking on the Test Email button as shown in the screenshot below will send a campaign to the email configured under your My Preferences page.

Schedule Later

You can schedule the email campaign to start, as per your convenience.

Follow these steps to configure

  1. Click Schedule Later
  2. In the pop-up, enter date & time

  1. Click Save

Send Now

You can start the campaign by clicking Send now, another screen pops up and shows the details.


You can just cancel the email campaign by Clicking Cancel button.