Marketing Automation - Email Campaigns

Email Campaigns

Email Campaign Terms and Conditions

  • For the first time you start using the Email Campaigns, you need to Accept Email Campaigns - Important Terms.
  • Select a >New Email Campaign
  • Select either Regular Campaign or Autoresponder Campaign from drop-down menu

Email Campaign Details

BzCRM provides two types of Email Campaigns Regular and Autoresponder

  • Regular Campaign help you to be in touch with customers. It involves four stages - Campaign Details, Marketing List, Templates and Review & Send
  • Autoresponder Campaign will automatically send emails to recipients when given conditions are met. It involves five stages - Campaign Details, Marketing List, Select Trigger, Templates, and Review & Send

Marketing Lists

BzCRM gives you the flexibility to create any number of lists you need. Filters help you segment your subscriber’s list on almost any criteria. Whether it is territory, city, interests, or any field criteria; we’ve got you everything covered. You have complete control over your lists. You can send your campaign either to an entire list, a sub-list by filtering the marketing list further. You can also save the segment and reuse them in other Email Campaigns.

Personalize Templates

Email Campaigns feature in BzCRM gives you the flexibility to choose from a range of predefined email templates. The inbuilt template designer makes it easy for you to create content, define styles, insert images, merge tags to match your unique business requirements. You’ll have complete control over the email templates you build, and it requires no programming knowledge.

Note! When inserting images in emails, Outlook might show the image in actual size than the specified size. Please resize the image using tools such as Photoshop, Github, and Image-Resizer.

Send an Email Campaign Immediately

Once you have your target list and email template ready, you can start the email campaign. A confirmation message pops up with the number of subscribers before sending the campaign.

Schedule an Email Campaign

Scheduled Campaigns feature gives you the ability to schedule your campaigns to dispatch on desired days, weeks or months later. Before scheduling an email campaign, make sure that you have configured an appropriate time zone in your My Preferences > Calendar Settings page.

You can now send targeted campaigns by segmenting lists based on users who did not engage in the previous campaigns.

Analyze Campaign Report

You’ve put in a lot of effort to design beautiful email template, create a list and send an email template. You know the fact that you have not been done yet. You want to know who has opened, clicked and unsubscribed. How many emails were bounced? That’s precisely what BzCRM does. In addition to tracking reports, BzCRM allows you to download the results in .csv format. You can also track how effective the given campaign is compared to other campaigns. It’s all like you’ve complete analysis over the actions your subscribers have performed on your email.

Email Campaign Account Details

Email Campaign metrics widget shows available credits, chosen plan, subscription status, and renewal date.

Engagement Level

The scores of your subscribers are measured on engagement level considering the number of opens, clicks, bounces, unsubscribes and complaints. Engagement level gives you the ability to nurture your leads further.

Email Tracking in Email Campaigns

During email campaign creation, you have an option to enable real-time email tracking in the campaign details block.

You can also re-edit the tracking in the final step of the campaign. Learn more.

Note! To avoid your Email Campaign from landing on the Promotional page of the Gmail, follow the two simple steps:
  1. Use only personal email address instead of non-existing email (Email Alias).
  2. Remove the size of the image, right click on the image > Image Properties > remove the width and height of the image.