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Email - Real Time Tracking

Email tracking with real-time alerts

Timing is critical for sales. With real-time tracking of emails, sales reps get a notification the second a prospect opens their email or clicks a link inside or views a shared document.

Inside sales team can send personalized follow-ups based on the level of engagement and convert to qualified prospects.

The sales team can follow up on a shared proposal and close deals faster.

View all email activities conveniently in one place in Notification center and follow up.

Getting Started with Email Tracking

To get notified real time on any activity for an email sent, enable “Email Tracking” setting in Settings > Configuration > Outgoing Emails page.

Note! By default, the Email Tracking checkbox is enabled.

What Are the Alerts Tracked in Real Time?

You get notified when a Contact

  • Opens an Email sent via Inbox, Workflows, Email Campaigns or from a Contact record.
  • Clicks any of the links in an Email
  • Replies to an Email
  • Views, downloads, reshares or add comments on a shared document

A user can manage alerts he may want to receive from his notification preferences page. A user can also stop the repeated alerts on the same email.

  1. By default, email tracking is enabled for ad-hoc emails and is disabled for email campaigns.
  2. Email Campaigns and Inbox emails only track Email opens and clicks.

Who Gets Notified on a Real-Time Alert?

Email Sent From Sender Conversation/Record Owner Followers
Inbox Yes Yes -
Opportunity or any other records Yes Yes Yes
Contact record Yes Yes Yes
Email Campaigns and Auto responder Yes Yes
Direct Shared Documents Yes
Comments on Shared Documents Yes

Viewing Email activity in BzCRM

  1. Notification Center.
    • Email Alerts tab in Notification center lists all alerts related to the viewer.

  1. Touchpoints.
    • Email opens, clicks replies are available in Contact touch points.

  1. Record Updates Log.
    • Contact record updates log lists the activity related details.

  1. Desktop Alerts.
    • Enable desktop notifications to view email alerts.

You can view the tracking stats of the sent emails in Inbox. Click on ‘View history’ to view the complete stats.


When you send an email:

  • via a non-person record, say Project Task, the email is tracked and alerted in the following format “[email address] opened email [Subject]”.
  • with all of the recipients (including CC/BCC) as users, then email tracking is disabled.
  • to multiple recipients with To and CC/BCC, email is tracked and alerted in the following format “Someone opened email [Subject]”.