Marketing Automation - Marketing List

Marketing List

To launch an email campaign, you must first select a list of people to send it to. That list, in BzCRM, is called a Marketing List. It consists of a name and a filtered list of the contacts in your CRM. You can create or select a list while creating an email campaign, or you can do it in advance from the Marketing Lists module.

Creating a Marketing List

You have a wide variety of options to introduce lists; you can select from existing leads and contact records in your BzCRM account or import them from a .csv file.

Follow these steps to create a Marketing list from Email Campaign

  1. Click icon
  2. Click Email Campaigns under MARKETING
  3. Click New Email Campaign from top right, and Select Regular Campaign or Autoresponder Campaign from drop-down list
  4. Fill Campaign Details in the First Step
  5. Click Next to go to Marketing List
  6. Click Create New Marketing List and add details

    • List Name: Provide a label that helps you identify and select appropriate list while creating campaigns. List Names are also displayed to your customers to subscribe to help themselves subscribe or unsubscribe from mailing list he/she is part of.
    • Add Subscribers: Select the radio button to populate records of the corresponding module into current list.
    • Load conditions from:
      • Select conditions from the list: Allows you to add conditions to filter recipients from the selected module manually.
      • Add condition from existing filter: Loads the conditions you have already given to the filters of the selected module. You can also further add more conditions to the existing filter. Please note that the new conditions added here will not overwrite the conditions for that filter.
    • Total number of subscribers: Displays the total number of subscribers that are populated from the selected filter.
    • Enable the checkbox to confirm sending an email campaign
    • When you have finished adding details, Click Save

Segment a Marketing List in Email Campaign

If you want to send an email campaign to just some of the recipients on existing Marketing List, you can do that by segmenting the list during the campaign creation with a Marketing List Segment.

You can choose one of the three options to segment a list:

  1. Entire List: This is the default active tab and selects all the recipients from the marketing list.
  2. Saved Segment: Shows a list of list segments that was previously created and saved from the New Segment tab. You can edit, duplicate or delete the segment.
  3. New Segment: Create a new list filter from scratch.

How to Create a New Segment?

Follow the below steps to create a new Segment:

  1. Select the desired list from the Marketing List
  2. Click on New Segment
  3. Now provide the desired condition
  4. Click on “Get Count” to view the filtered recipient’s count.
  5. Optionally, you can save the segment by checking the box and giving it a name.
  6. Click Next.

If you save the segment, you can find it under the Save Segment tab for future use.

For instance, from the screenshot below, I’ve filtered my list to send an email campaign to hot & fresh leads.

With the help of segmentation feature, you can send emails to the targeted audience. This also contributes to the health of your email campaigning.

View Marketing List

Follow these steps to view the Marketing List

  1. Click on icon
  2. Click >Marketing List

List View

In the List View you can

  • View Source (ex: Contact, Lead or Organization), List Name, Subscribers, Unsubscribes, Campaigns Sent, Average Open Rate, Best Campaign, Worst Campaign, Campaign gave most unsubscribes
  • Click on Edit icon to edit a selected record
  • Click on recycle bin icon to delete a selected record
  • Click on the links in Best Campaign, Worst Campaign or Campaign gave most unsubscribes link to view detailed report
Note Mark all your irrelevant Marketing list as inactive without losing data or deleting any related campaigns.

Chart View

  • In the Chart View you can view the campaign name, how many times the campaign has been sent, and created time.
  • For chart report, click on the down arrow in the top right to view campaign sent result view.