Marketing Automation - Print Templates

Print Templates

Print Templates feature enables you to design custom templates for Invoices, Quotes, Leads, Contacts, etc.

BzCRM Print Templates feature also provides you a list of default templates to save your time and effort. Once the templates are ready, you can download, export or print selected records from your BzCRM account. For instance, you can quickly print records in Opportunities module and handle them to your sales reps. You can also print Invoices and send them to your customers’ postal address. From the list, you can print records either from the list view or detail view of your records.

Creating New Template

The print templates feature allows you to create new templates or modify existing templates to match the nature of your business. After successfully creating the template, your template will be available for selection from the list view or detail view of records.

How to Create a New Print Template

  1. Click icon
  2. Click Print Templates under TOOLS
  3. On Print Templates page, Click on in the right corner
  4. In Creating New Print Templates page, you will see the following blocks
    • Basic information
    • Page Setup
    • Currency and Number Field Configuration
    • Merge Fields
    • Esign tabs
    • Template Editor area

Basic Information Block

This block consists of four fields which hold the basic information of the Template that is being created.

Field Name Description
Template Name Give a name to the Template to identify it while accessing from other modules, workflows or customer portal.
Description Provide a brief description of the Template being created. This is just for reference.
Select Module Select the Module from which the data has to be pulled.
Set as Default Set the Template as default, if necessary. If not the recently created Template of the corresponding module is selected as default template.
Active Enable Yes radio button to make the template active
Note: You can now delete default templates.

Page Setup

This block can be used to set up the page format, orientation, and margins while exporting the template in PDF format.

Note! Page Settings will be applied to PDF Only!

Field Name Description
Page Format Allows you to select different sizes of pages. You can also print labels on envelopes using A2, A6, A7, A8, A9, A10, C3, C4, C5, C6, C7, B4, B5, B6, E4 page formats.
Orientation Allows you to orient the template in X-axis (Landscape) or Y-axis (Portrait)
Margins Allows you to apply margin to the PDF document, in case of exporting or printing.
Watermark Allows you to give a Watermark
File Name Either you select from the drop-down list or you can enter file name in the corresponding field. (Ex: If Subject is selected from list, the Quotation Subject will become filename for the PDF)

Currency and Number Field Configuration

While managing inventory modules like Invoices, Quotes, Sales and Purchase Orders, you will need to have a valid digit and decimal separator. You can configure currency as per the requirement. The default currency preferences specified in My Preference field can be changed here in Print Templates as per your requirement by just disabling the check box, Consider Currency and Number Field Configuration from My Preferences.

Field Name Description
Decimal Separator Select a decimal point from drop-down to use between the integer and the fractional parts of a decimal.
Digit Grouping Separator Select digit group separator that is often used when displaying large numbers, to make them easier to read.
Number of Currency Decimals Select the number of decimals you would like to have a currency value.
Note! Enabling the checkbox, values specified in My Preference will be maintained.

Merge Fields

This block is used to include CRM field values from the respective records.

Field Name Description
Record Fields Allows you to select a record from the drop down list.
Related Blocks Allows you to access related module and the corresponding fields.
Custom Blocks Allows you to Print/export PDF comments in all modules, except Inventory Modules (PO, SO, Invoice & Quotes) where Line Items Block will replace comments
Company Details You can personalize the Template by uploading your Company logo and details. The list of fields from your Company Details page is available for selection.
Custom Functions A set of conditions is provided to customize your template on matching with a condition. If, Empty and Not Empty are the 3 conditions that can be used. If condition is used with numbers, whereas Empty and Not Empty conditions are used with Text
Bar codes A barcode is an optical machine-readable representation of data relating to the object to which it is attached. A Barcode is widely used in businesses, be it to track assets like computer, copier, desk, telephone etc., or to generate an invoice for customers. Having a bar code on the Document is effective to look in the system under the Search Tab. If you scan the documents using a scanner, it will directly take you to that document in the CRM. CRM Quote Number, Invoice Number and Purchase Order Number can be converted into Bar code by selecting the desired standard using this field.
  1. Created and Modified Date of the record is available for all listed modules.
  2. Use Amount in Words merge tag for currency fields in any of your Print Templates.
  3. Include Total excluding Item Discounts merge tag in Print Templates to view Invoice/Quotes/SO/PO total amount excluding discounts.

Custom Fields For Non-Inventory Modules

Custom Fields for Inventory Modules

Tax Merge tags

If your company uses multiple taxes and wanted to see each tax details, you can also add individual tax as a column in the line item using the Merge tags. For example, view the below image:


Barcode can be generated while creating Templates which will be reflected in the PDF.

Search for the records using barcodes! Suppose the invoice number INV21212 is in bar-code format, then scan that bar-code while placing the mouse cursor on the Search record field. As a result, Quotation with the invoice no. INV21212 will be listed.

Esign Tabs

Merge docusign tabs in the template such as mandatory sign tabs which makes the customers easy to insert their configured signature in the document.

Editor Area

This is the area where you can see the design of your template. The merge tags, fields, tables, images, HTML source, etc., help you design template easily. Header and Footer can also be added to the PDF document using merge fields. Example: Company Name or Logo as a header, Company website as Footer. A snapshot of an editor area is given below.

Header can be added as shown below:

  1. Select Header in the Menu of Editor area
  2. Use Merge Field Block to select fields to appear in the header

Footer can be added as shown below:

  1. Select Footer in the Menu of Editor area
  2. Use Merge Field Block to select fields to appear in the footer

The Body Content of the template

After designing your template, click Save. On saving, you will be able to see the complete details of the Template i.e., Basic information, page setup and a preview of the Template created.

Printing Records

After successfully creating the template, your template will be available for selection from the list view or detail view of your records in BzCRM.

Print Templates can be accessed by (corresponding to the modules selected while creation)

  1. All modules, while print/export pdf
  2. Workflow email task, to attach Print Template PDF
  3. Inventory modules (PO, SO, Invoice, Quotes) to send emails with pdf.
  4. Customer Portal (Invoice & Quotes)
Note! You can Print/Export PDF either from the list view or detail view of your records.

Accessing From The List View of Your Records

  1. Click on the desired module tab
  2. In the module home page, select the records you’d like to print/export pdf.
  3. Click on more dropdown
  4. Click on Print/Export PDF

NOTE! You can select maximum of 10 records for printing or exporting PDF file from list view of any modules.
  1. In the pop-up, select the desired template from the list of templates available for that module, if not, the recently created Template, for that particular module, will be selected as default.
  2. You could Preview the template before printing or saving as PDF. If 7 records each of 2 pages were selected at once, then a single PDF file will contain 14 pages i.e., 2 pages of each record. You can save the Template as PDF after preview.

  1. Edit & Export option is also provided in the pop-up, where you will be redirected to edit view of that print template. You can make any changes to that Print Template using Merge fields and then Export PDF.

  1. Email with PDF option is now provided in the pop-up, where you can select the Print Template that you need to mail to your customer from any of the modules.

Accessing Print Templates in Workflow Email Task

  1. In Add Action for Workflow -> Send Mail, Check Add PDF
  2. Select the Print Template to be attached from the Dropdown list of print templates for that particular module

  1. Click on Save once the mail is created.
Note! Scheduler sends the mail at an interval of time (minimum scanning period is 15 minutes) on Queue basis, so Mail may not be delivered immediately i.e., as soon as the condition is true but after the interval of time.

Accessing Print Templates Through Customer Portal

Note! Print Template can be accessed through Quotes and Invoice only!
  1. Login to your Customer Portal.
  2. Select the desired Quote or Invoice to be printed or download the PDF by clicking on the Download button.

  1. View the downloaded Quote in the PDF viewer.
  2. If the quote is acceptable, click on the subject in Quote Details & Accept the Quote.


Currency Code Support

Currency code indicates internationally recognized codes for the representation of currencies. Now Print Template allows you to insert Currency Symbol, Currency Name, Currency Code and Conversion rate for all inventory modules which can be used in any application of trade, commerce and banking, public sector, manual use or in information technology applications.

Note! Some currency symbols may not be compatible while saving as PDF so it is recommended to use Currency Name or Code.

Add SUM / AVG aggregators for numerical custom fields in line items

In the merge fields selection, the custom field includes Sum/Avg functions record to calculate the sum or avg of products/services added to Quote/Invoice.

Support To Taxes

Print templates support the enhanced Tax features such as the Tax Region, Deducted Tax, Tax Info, etc. All of these are found within the Record Field under the Merge Fields.

Consider an example, while creating a print template for Invoice, you can add a Tax Region at the top, by just selecting the Tax Region option from the Record Field drops down. To add any enhanced Tax feature like Deducted tax, create an additional row in the table and select the Deducted Tax option again from the Record Field drop down.

Note! The Shipping & Handling Tax merge field is renamed as “Tax on charges” and Shipping & Handling charges information merge field is renamed to “Taxes on charges information”.

Troubleshooting Tips

If you find only one item listed in your invoice or quote print template, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to the respective Print template and copy the first merge tag in the line item block.

  1. Click on the source code and search for the merge tag
  2. Just above the merge tag - code line add the foreach code as shown in below image