Project Management - Calendar


Schedule your tasks, events and set reminders using BzCRM Calendars.

Calendar brings together all the scheduled activities into one place, including Calls, Meetings, Tasks, Projects, Opportunities. Set up reminders on a record and view them under Calendars.

My Calendar

A typical day for a salesperson includes managing, tracking and following up activities. Schedule all of these from My Calendar page in BzCRM.

Month, Week, Day and Agenda Views in My Calendar

See your upcoming events and find free times by jumping to a date in the future or switching views between Month, Week, Day and Agenda.

Add an Event

To Schedule an Event

From Any page, click on button and click on Event OR

From Calendar Month, Week, Day view, click on the time slot to create an event.

  1. Reminder
    • For Email Reminder, Enable the Send ‘Email Reminder Before’ checkbox and set the time when you want the reminder
    • For In product Notification Reminder, CRM Administrator can enable it from Smart Notifications on Settings page.
  2. Repeat
    • To create recurring event, enable Repeat in Recurrence Details block
  3. Relate
    • You can link an Event to multiple Contacts.
    • You can also relate events to a Lead or Organization or Opportunity or Case or Campaign.
  4. Invite
    • You can invite other CRM Users to the Event. An email notification will be sent to the invited user.
    • To invite users, click on text space provided next to Invite Users field within Invite block. Select from list of available users

Editing Recurring Events

Whenever you make a change to the events which have a repeat condition, the CRM will give you the following options while saving the record:

  • Only this Event: Changes made will affect only the current event.
  • Following Events: Changes will be made to all the following events after the current event. For example, consider you have an event repeating for 10 days. If you are editing the 4th-day event, then the changes made will be applied to all the events from the 4th day until the 10th day. The 1st, 2nd, and the 3rd-day event will remain unchanged.
  • All Events: Any changes made to the event you are editing will also affect all the repeated events in the same series. For example, if you change the Status from Planned to Held, only the Status of all repeated events in the same series will be changed. Other field values in the repeated events will remain unaffected.

Show New Activity Types in My Calendar

Any module with Date field can be added as an Activity Type in My Calendar view. My Calendar shows the following activities by default.

  1. Events
  2. Tasks
  3. Opportunities (Expected close date)
  4. Support End Date (Contact’s support end date)
  5. Date of Birth (Contact’s date of birth)
  6. Invoice (Invoice due date)

To add new activity types, please follow these steps:

  1. Select My Calendar from Module toggle
  2. Hoven on My Calendar and click on + New Calendar.

  1. In the popup block, select the Module from the drop-list.
  2. Select the Date field.
  3. Select the range of dates from two date fields to show up in the calendar view. (This field depends on the data field that you have selected.)
  4. To differentiate this activity, select a color of your choice from the Calendar color picker.

  1. Click Save.

Shared Calendar

Note: Calendar settings allows users to set up user level sharing for view only and view with edit permissions.

You can enable or disable others Calendars. For you to see others Calendar, they have to first share their Calendar with you or make their Calendar Public. Events marked as Private will be shown as Busy.

Actions Performed on Shared Calendar:

Disable the checkbox of the shared calendar list in Calendar Settings to remove the events related to it from the Calendar Content area.

  1. Click on to “Mark the event as Held”.
  2. Click on icon to edit the color of the record.

Calendar Settings

BzCRM allows you to configure the Calendar as you wanted it to be. Follow few simple steps to set up Calendar to match your preferences.

To configure Calendar settings,

  1. Click Customize button on top right of Calendar home page
  2. Select Calendar Settings option.
  3. You get back to work on Monday after a drowsy weekend and want your calendar to begin from Monday, every week. To set up this enter the day in the Starting Day of the week.
  4. Say, your office login time is 8 AM. So, you can mention - day starts at 8 AM
  5. You can select the traditional date format that is widely accepted in your Country.
  6. Select the time-zone from the dropdown list depending on your company’s location.
  7. Your job is to follow up events that are scheduled to be done on the present day, so enable the Today radio button as Default MyCalendar View.
  8. Once an event reminder popup shows up on your screen, you want it to display again only within 5 minutes after you close it. From the popup reminder interval drop-list, select the time.
  9. You wish to see the list of all the event records with some specific details at one glance by default. Select the List View option as Default Calendar view.
  10. You are much concerned about the events that are Planned to be held in some time via Call. Make these to be your Default Status and Type.
  11. Events like Meetings, Web Conferences etc., consume much time, say 30 minutes and you end up Calls within 5 minutes. You can configure default event duration in Settings so that you need not have to set up End Date and Time while creating events.
  12. Enable the Hide Completed Calendar Events checkbox if you wish not to see the events that are closed.
  13. You can share My Calendar with all other users in your company, share with only selected users, or completely hide all events from viewing by other users.
  • Events shared with you can be viewed in Shared Calendar tab.
  • Events that are created by you or assigned to you can be viewed in My Calendar tab.
  • Events that belong to you, and events belong to users in your lower hierarchy can be viewed in List View tab.
  • Different options that are available to share My Calendar

Private: No one can view my events

Public: Everyone can view my events.

Selected Users: Only selected users can view my calendar

  1. Lastly, Click on Save.
Notice! For instance, consider that A and B are two users in upper and lower hierarchy respectively. If A and B shared calendars mutually, B can view A’s event but cannot make any modifications to the event record. Not only does A view B’s shared event, but he can also make modifications to it.
Note! You can also configure Calendar Settings from My Preferences page.

Creating Custom Event Types

Event types such as Call and Meeting are provided by default along with BzCRM package. You can create custom event types to schedule events that meet your organization’s or personal requirements. For instance, Meetups, Hangouts, etc.

Follow few simple steps to create custom event types

  1. Click icon
  2. Click Settings
  3. Click Configuration
  4. Click Picklist Field Values
  5. Select Events from Select Module dropdown
  6. Select Activity Type from Select Picklist in Events dropdown
  7. Available values in Activity Type field are displayed under All Values tab
  8. Click Add Value button to the right to add a custom event type
  9. Provide a label for your custom event, select desired roles and click Save
  10. After saving your custom event type, you can select it under Activity Type field in creating or edit view of events.