Project Management - Gantt Chart

Gantt Chart

Gantt Charts Illustrate Project Schedule

A Gantt chart is a horizontal bar chart which is used in Project management, to provide a graphical illustration of a scheduled Project Task details that helps to plan, coordinate, and track specific tasks in a Project.

Where will I find Gantt Chart?

  • Gantt Charts can be viewed in the record view of the Project Module in Project Management.

What Does the Gantt Chart Look Like?

The following image shows how the tasks and their related milestones appear altogether.

Milestone along with the tasks related to it, altogether appear like a bunch. There can be multiple bunches of tasks and milestones in a single Gantt chart.

What are the criteria for Gantt Chart to display?

A Gantt Chart is displayed if and only if the Project Task has Start Date and End Date. A Project Milestone is displayed if they are related to any of the Project Task.

Can I Filter Project Tasks?

  • Filter Project tasks view on Gantt Chart on basis of Project Task Start Date.

How to Edit a Project Task/Project Milestone Record Under Gantt Chart?

  • Click on the Edit icon to edit a Gantt Chart Project Task record.

Can I Rearrange the Gantt Chart on a Particular Project Task?

  • No, there is no option provided to rearrange the Project Task records

Can I adjust the date field of a particular Project Task from Gantt Chart?

  • Yes, by dragging the task layout button.

How to Adjust the Date Field of a Specific Project Milestone from Gantt Chart?

  • You can adjust the milestone date by dragging milestone icon to the right side of the chart.

Can I Sort the Columns in Gantt Chart?

  • No, sorting option is not provided for the records in the Gantt chart.

How Do I Change the Status Color as Per My Point of View?

  • To change the status color, click on a particular status edit button below the Gantt Chart, select the color of your choice and click Save.

Note! If a color is not added to any custom status or if the status is blank, then the status color will be white.

Can I Have a Detailed View of the Gantt Chart?

  • Yes, you can have the yearly, monthly, weekly and daily views of the Gantt chart by zooming in and out.

How do I print the Project Task Gantt Chart?

  • You can print a Gantt Chart report by clicking on ”’Print”’ button.

Note! There is no option to download a Gantt Chart Report and also to pin it to the dashboard.

How to Add or Remove Columns from Gantt Chart Table?

  • You cannot add or remove columns from Gantt Chart