Project Management - Projects


Define your goals, budgets, time span and other resources to accomplish a successful project.

The Project is a planned work that involves specific goals, start date and target end date, budgets, progress, etc. You can also track the issues identified and fixed by associating projects with Cases module and collaborate with team members via Comments.

Creating Projects Manually

You can enter Project details manually from Projects Module. This might come handy if you have to enter Project details individually.

Steps to create Project records manually

  1. Hover over icon and click Projects
  2. Click on Add Project on top
  3. In the Create Project view, enter all the necessary details
  4. Click Save

Summary View

Summary view of the Project module has the Key metrics and the Project metric widget which are displayed based on the Priority and Progress fields in Project Tasks module respectively.

Projects metrics widget is shown only for Projects with billable tasks and Invoiced hours

Fields Information

Information of fields in the Projects module.

Field Name Description
Project Name Provide name of the project. This field is mandatory.
Start Date Specify the project start date
Target End Date Provide tentative project end date
Actual End Date Provide actual end date after the project is completed
Status The status of the project
Type The type of project
Progress Provide the progress on project advancement
Target Budget Provide anticipated revenues for the project

Quick Create

You can enter basic details of a Project record through Quick create. This might be helpful if you are running out of time.

Steps to create Project records through Quick create

  1. Click icon on top right corner
  2. Click Projects
  3. In the Create Project view, fill in the Project details
  4. Click Save

Edit Project

After the Project is saved, you can edit it by hovering on a particular field value from the Project List View - Inline Edit, Summary view or Details view. You can even edit it by clicking on the Edit button present on top right corner of the Project detail view. You can also

Associating Projects with Other Records

This will display all-round view of relations of Projects module with other modules and maintain a log of a complete history.

You can keep track of following details in Projects Module

Related Records Actions
Recent Updates Displays history of actions performed on Project record like Project Tasks, Project Milestones, Cases, etc.,
Charts To view graphical representation on how Project is advancing
Comments To view all the comments exchanged across different users
Project Tasks View existing Project Tasks or create new Project Task and associate with Project record
Project Milestones View existing Project Milestones or create new Project Milestones and associate with Project record
Documents Notes added to Project record will be displayed as Documents
Cases To view cases associated with Project record
Events and Tasks To view activities scheduled to accomplish a Project
Quotes To view quotes associated with Project record
Emails Emails sent to customers associated to the Project record will be displayed

Import Projects

BzCRM supports importing Projects from external sources as .csv file.

Export Projects

If you ever want your data in the form of a spreadsheet, you can export your Projects records right away.