Project Management - Task Management

Task Management

Tasks are the many activities like company and prospect research, proposal writing, and internal communications of status. Consistently executing each task in an efficient and timely manner is the key to performance.

Every Task can have a priority, a status, a due date, an owner, and include “watchers” who need to be aware of the progress of that task. You can update your calendar with Tasks that need to be completed on or before a particular date and time.

How to Create a Task?

Follow these steps to create a Task

  1. Click on icon

Note: Change the priority of the task from the Quick View. Use beside the record to drag and drop it in a specific priority section.
  1. Click on icon to create a task based on priority

  1. Enter Subject and select the Status of the task from the drop-down
  2. Click Go to Full Form to fill in more details about the task, otherwise click Save
Note! Alternate way to create a task - Calendar –> List View –> Click Add Task button

Fields Information

Field Description
Subject Name of the Task (Ex: Presentation)
Assigned To Owner of the task
Start Date & Time Date & Time at which the Task starts
End Date & Time Date & Time at which the Task Ends
Related to Select from the drop down related to Organizations, Campaigns, Tickets, Invoice, Leads, Opportunities, Purchase Order, Quote, Sales Order, Services
Contact Name Search the contact name
Status Planned, Held, Not Held, Cancelled
Priority High, Low, Medium
Send Notification Click to send Notification
Location Enter Location details
Send Email Reminder Before Reminder helps you in reminding of the task by sending an email before the specified time. Click the checkbox and enter details on how many hours, days before the reminder to be sent
Description You can fill the details about the meeting held