Salesforce Automation - Google Integration

Google Integration

Synchronize your contacts and calendar events

If you’re using Gmail to manage sales operations within your organization, we’ve got good news for you. Bz CRM offers a seamless way of syncing your contacts and calendar events simply and effectively.

The tools used for sales process are often managed on different applications. Ample amount of time is wasted as they are not working together. On successful integration, you can collaborate your contacts and calendar events instantly.

The Bz CRM integration with Google offers you the following functionality

If you are relying upon Gmail to store all your contacts, you can now sync them all into your Bz CRM and vice versa. That keeps you updated, on both sides.

Follow few simple steps to know how contacts can be synced

  1. Click icon
  2. Click Contacts under ESSENTIALS
  3. In the left side of list view of contacts under >Extensions Google

Sync Settings

Click Sync Settings on the right

Sign in with your Google Account

You can now configure the Google contact group and Calendar Events that has to sync with Bz CRM contacts.

Configure your sync direction - Sync both ways, Sync Bz CRM with Google, or vice versa.

Click Configure under Field Mapping to create custom field mapping in Bz CRM to synchronize the custom data from Google Contacts (i.e., Code, Province, City, etc.).

Click Save Now button

Note! You cannot add custom fields to Calendar, the fields are mapped by default. You can just view them.
Click View under Field Mapping to view the Events Mapped.

Syncing Contacts and Calendar Events

After configuring the Sync Settings, you can begin synchronization process in your Bz CRM. This might take few moments depending upon the number of contacts you have in your Gmail and Bz CRM accounts.

After archiving contact & calendar records successfully, a report will be generated in Bz CRM notifying the modifications are done on Bz CRM and Gmail

You can click on the values and view the generated records and also download them as a .csv file for your reference.

Not just that, you can also sync contact records that are updated and deleted. This will make sure that you have the latest information at hand.

Note! Records are synced in batches. Bz CRM syncs 100 records at one shot. If there are more records to be synced on either side, a message is displayed on the sync report. By clicking on Sync Now button, you can complete achieving records on both ends.