Salesforce Automation

Import Existing .vcf data into Bz CRM

If you want to import your vcf file (screenshot shown below) into Bz CRM, follow these steps:

Points to Remember (In Vcard)

  1. The prefix and suffix of colon(:) is header and field value, respectively.
  2. Semincolon(;) represents the space.
  3. N(Name) is considered the reverse of FN(First Name).

Step1: Select a File

  1. Click on Menu button and select Contacts module
  2. Click on Import button from top right corner
  3. Select VCF file, select the file from your system

Select the Character Encoding format from the dropdown and click Next

Step 2: Duplicate Record Handling

This is an optional step and comes into play if you would enable the checkbox in Step-3 of the import process. This option will help you in tracing out duplicate records. You can also configure the actions to be performed on duplicate records: skip, overwrite and merge. And finally, select desired fields for duplicate lookup by moving fields from the list of Available Fields to Fields to be matched on by using the right and left arrows.

Following actions can be performed on duplicate records

Step 3: Map CRM Fields

In the final step of the import process, you will need to map import file Header/Column to fields in Bz CRM. Fields will be automatically mapped if your vcf file’s header matches with Bz CRM field label.

You can provide default values for mapping fields which will be picked up in case if the value for any field in a file will be empty. Also, frequently used mappings can be saved and reused. Saved mappings will be accessible across all users. You can delete the saved mappings by clicking on Trash icon. After successfully mapping fields, click Import button.

Note! If fields are not mapped during Import process, the data will be lost. For example, if you don’t map a field say Address to a Vtiger field then that value will be lost.