Salesforce Automation

Lead Conversion Data Mapping

Mapping custom fields in Lead module to custom fields in Contacts, Organizations and Opportunities

In this article, we’ll show you how to make data collected in any custom fields that you have created in your Leads record, automatically flow to appropriate custom fields in your Contact, Organization and Opportunity records upon the Lead’s qualification and conversion. This will ensure that the data will not be lost upon Lead conversion.

Note! You are allowed to modify or map the custom fields only.

Standard fields will be automatically mapped, but the custom fields should be mapped manually. With only a few clicks, you’ll be able to map fields in the lead record to fields in Contacts, Organizations, and Opportunities. However, auto-generated fields such as Created Time, Modified Time and Lead Number cannot be mapped

Setup Custom Field Mapping

Steps to modify the existing fields or map custom fields

  1. Hover on icon
  2. Click Leads under Marketing
  3. Click in the top right
  4. Click Lead Conversion Data Mapping
  5. Click Edit button to modify existing field settings or map custom fields

  1. Click Add Mapping button; Consequently, a new set of fields (placeholders) will be added to map custom fields.
  2. Select the source field and map it to the target field accordingly.
  3. Click Save