Salesforce Automation - Quotes


A Quote is a formal statement issued by a seller to the prospective buyer; usually, upon request for a quotation. It contains the detailed list of Products and Services, Prices and Taxes, Dates, Parties involved, Addresses information, Terms, and Discounts.

Create a Quote

You can easily create a Quote by entering information in the fields provided.

Follow few simple steps to create a Quote

  1. Click icon
  2. Click Quotes under SALES
  3. Click Add Quote from top right
  4. Provide necessary information in the fields
  5. Click Save

Create a Custom List of Quotes

If you would like to view Quotes that are due in July, you can create a custom list.

From Quotes page, click on the button on the left panel to pull up the List creation page. Here, you can choose a name for the list, select columns you would like to view and specify the conditions (ex: Quote Due Date is from July 1st to July 31st).

List View Actions

List view of the Quotes module enables you to perform mass actions like editing, deleting and filtering records in bulk. In addition, you can also edit fields, workflows and picklist values.

Follow few simple steps to manage operations in the list view of Sales Order module

  1. Click icon
  2. Click Quotes under SALES
  3. Click on checkboxes of desired Sales Order records beforehand performing edit and delete operations
  4. Click Edit to modify record(s) in bulk
  5. Click Delete to delete record(s) in bulk
  6. Click > Create New Filter to create a new view and sort desired records in one bucket
  7. Click on to edit:
    • Fields to configure fields through Layout Editor
    • Workflows to set up workflows through Workflows
    • Picklist Fields to configure picklist fields through Picklist Editor

Operations You Can Perform in Detail View of Quote Record

Detail view of quote record enables you to perform actions like editing, deleting, cloning, exporting the existing record in PDF format, etc.

Follow few simple steps to manage operations in detail view of Quotes module

  1. From the Sales Order list view, select the desired record
  2. In the record view, find the below shortcut icons to perform the actions.
Icons Actions
Mark the record as favorite, to get notified, on any record updates
Tag the record under a preferred section
Share the record with the recipients, via email
Set a reminder to come back later and review the record
Edit a record to modify field information
More options such as delete, print or export record in pdf format, send email, generate purchase order or subscription, delete record, etc.

Line Item Details Block

Line Item Details block in Quotes module gives you the flexibility to add Products/Services, manage different prices through Price Books, and offer discounts.

Follow few simple steps to manage operations in Item Details block

  1. Click icon
  2. Click Quotes under SALES
  3. In the create view or edit view of existing quote record, you can locate the Item Details block
  4. The operations you can manage in Item Details block are depicted in diagram below

  • Dependent picklist in Inventory line items to support product hierarchy.
  • You can re-arrange the Line Item block and the fields within it accordingly from Module Layouts and fields.
  • # Field Description
    1 Tax Regions Select desired Tax Region from the drop-down
    2 Currency Select desired currency from the drop-down
    3 Price Books Click on the Price Books to pre-fill all line items selling price with the selected Pricebook.
    4 Tax Mode Select desired Tax Mode, Group or Individual
    5 Product Click on the Product icon to add products from your inventory
    6 Services Click on the Services icon to add services from your inventory
    7 Price Books Click on the Price Books icon to attribute different price value.
    8 Discounts Click on the Discounts link to offer discounts on the List Price
    9 Add Product Click to add a new Product block
    10 Add Service Click to add a new Service block

    You can also logically group the line items into Sections.

    NOTE! The Section field will also appear in Print Templates of any inventory module for selection.

    Associating Quotes with Other Records

    This will display all-round view of relations of Quotes module with other modules and maintains a log of the complete history.

    Field Description
    Updates To track all modifications done on quote record
    Activities To schedule a task
    Documents To associate documents with current quote record
    NOTE! Generated related Subscription from Quote module detail view.