Security Management - Best Security Practice

Best Security Practice

Points to ensure CRM data is secure.

BzCRM recommends its users to follow best security practices while accessing our service. With the increase in the threat landscape, it’s important to keep customer data secure all the times. Below are some of the security measures you can leverage from BzCRM to remain secure and safe.

Session Management

Leaving your system unattended or not logging off at times can be risky. BzCRM lets you configure the session timeouts for users. Default session timeout is 72 hours.

IP Restrictions

Limit the access to BzCRM from dedicated IP addresses. This feature helps you to eliminate any unauthorized access from unknown IP addresses.

Password Policies

The password is the first line of defense, so it’s vital to have a secure password. BzCRM recommends following best practices to make your password more secure.


  • Alphanumeric with a unique character.
  • The presence of uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • Length must be greater or equal to 8 characters.


  • Change your passwords after 90 days.
  • In case of breach/ Leak change all your passwords


  • Don’t allow users to use old passwords (enable password history)
  • Use separate passwords for your accounts

Educate Users

There are several habits that you should develop to improve the security of your online activities. Most of these recommendations are simple and following them will significantly bolster your browsing security.

  • Keep your browser software up-to-date
  • Run anti-virus software
  • Scan files before downloading
  • Watch out for phishing