Security Management - Roles


You can mimic your organization-wide Role hierarchy in BzCRM with the help of Roles.

Creating Roles

Roles like CEO and Sales Manager are provided by default along with BzCRM package.

You can assign identical designations to your employees like Sales Manager, Support Engineer, etc. User’s position in the ​hierarchy will decide which of the records he/she can access.

  1. Hover on icon and click on Settings
  2. Click on Roles under User Management
  3. Click beside the role to add user

You can now define access privileges while you create a role. The idea is to reduce clicks and navigation. Having privileges defined on a role eliminates the necessity to create a different profile and associate it to a role. Additionally, you need not have to visit individual profiles to view or modify privileges you’ve defined earlier.

Field Description
Name Provide the ​desired label for your role
Reports To This field is auto-selected. The role superior to current role is displayed here.
Assign Privileges directly to a role The access privileges can be defined here without having to create a new profile and assign it to your role.
Assign privileges from existing profiles Select from existing profiles to imply privileges defined on selected profile
Copy privileges from If you’ve already defined permissions in an existing profile, you can populate them by selecting desired profile from the drop-down
  1. Click Save
Notes! To make the Role Hierarchy effective you need to set proper Sharing Rules for every module. When Sharing Rules are set to Private, users can always view their own records and their subordinates’ records whereas non-admin users cannot view records of their superiors and peers.

Assigning Roles to Users

  1. Hover on icon and click on Settings
  2. Click on Roles under User Management
  3. Click on your desired user name

  1. Locate Role field, select the desired role for the user
  2. Click Save
  1. You can associate multiple users and profiles for the same role.
  2. When you associate multiple users for the same role, the users under the role are not allowed to see each other's records.
  3. A role always works with respect to Profiles and Sharing Access.

Why Only 2 Users Visible When Selecting Assign To?

In the Roles Configuration, if you have selected User’s having Same Role or Same Hierarchy or Subordinate Role options, then you view only the users satisfying the selected option. To view all the users, please select All Users option.