Federal, State, County and City Governments can benefit from BzCRM Business Management. We can improve internal communications between government departments, bureaus and agencies. BzCRM can coordinate tasks and disseminate information. Live Video Communication can connect remote offices with Real-Time Video Conferencing. VideoCasts from your Desktop can inform employees by 2way communication, group presentations or mass netcasts to thousands of employees.

Network of Business can provide our CRM Management Program Free for Government use. You can download the programs to government servers. Field workers can internet access files for updating and access case file information to become more productive.

Our Government Management program can track and channel inquires, connect users to recorded video displays and demos, address needs and problems and most importantly, create a collaboration system to keep all employees and the public informed.

Field Workers can mobile internet access to their office for status on licensing, applications, etc. The system can automate code enforcement, check records from various departments and agencies.

Manage Human Resources and Personnel Records. Provide Live and Pre-recorded Training Videos. Conduct Video Interviews on the Internet using our Live Video Interviewer. Access the Network of Business,, to advertise specialty openings and recruit employees with Free Advertising.

In Business, we use Account Management, in Government they use File Management; basically the same format in storing and retrieving information. This system can store individual information or provide collective department information for department analysis.

Any Government Body can use any part of the N of B programs at NO COST. Government can select any amount of modules from our BzCRM Business Management Program.

There are Five Business Management Programs in Sales Force Automation, Marketing Automation, Inventory Management, Security Management and Custom Support/Services.