The Construction and Real Estate Industries are the Backbone of the Economy. Both of these industries are diverse, yet they are directly related.

The Housing Industry's "Real Estate" Sales and Management sector includes Residential, Commercial and Industrial Sales; Property and Rental Management;

Land Development, Consulting and Mortgage Lending Businesses. BzCRM is the ideal Real Estate Management Program which can manage sales growth in a profitable direction by improving efficiency, reducing costs and enhancing communication with customers/clients.

We also have the right solution for "Construction" Management in the residential, commercial and general construction businesses.

Using BzCRM, you can access the centralized database from any internet enabled device for information about contracts, accounts and projects. Access your office computer and display architectural building plans right at construction job sites. You can Video Conference by smartphone to display jobsite work stage completion, problems, etc.

Real Estate Professionals can also video communicate from any location to display new listings, properties, etc., and it's all Live in Real Time!

As you peruse these BzCRM features, Remember this – it costs businesses more money to attract new customers than it does to retain existing ones. Let BzCRM help you maintain loyal, satisfied clients!

"Look at this - the
Agent is Showing us
the House by Live Video."