Now you can integrate all or your select departments into a cohesive business management system. Your Sales Force, Marketing and Customer Service Departments will collaborate and share the needed data to increase overall efficiency. Your departments will have information access to inventory in stock and in the manufacturing stages of production.

Our BzCRM program can present a current, instant view of revenue. The financial department can control everything from invoicing to revenue payments, including credit card accounts and banking. Your Wholesalers, Distributors and Retailers will have company account access with private security controls so data such as shipments and deliveries, etc., is available anytime to provide instant manufacturing information.

Our BzCRM program provides a mass emailing tool so you can manage your marketing campaign. Selected company lists are available from the NofB to specifically target the types of businesses, such as, suppliers, retailers, etc. Our Business Management Program can develop joint collaborative marketing with businesses who share the same needs as yours.

Your service workers and field personnel can remotely access customer account data, using any web enabled device. Your workers not only have instant net communication, but they can communicate by remote, Live Video so management can visually see to help solve problems.

You can integrate your existing data of inventory, accounting and order processing etc., into one command and control center for all your company departments, with entry access limited to select departments or employees. You can also limit entry to customer/clients to their accounts or to select information.

The Best Part of our Business Management Program is that we supply all the program capabilities, we don't dribble extensions or try to sell extras – you can select the parts of the program you want to use and ignore the rest. Remember, its all FREE from the N of B, so let's streamline your business now with our Business Management Program.