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Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants; Financial, Insurance and Real Estate Professionals, Architects, Engineers, Internet Technologists, Contractors – the List Goes On. Every Professional has a need for Business Management Software. BzCRM Program manages client accounts, activities and projects to track expenditures, analyze and project revenue.

You'll have the ability to integrate your existing data into our programs so your clients can set up an account to receive status reports on activities, projects, cases, reports, financials, invoices, approvals, etc.

Professionals can save time and money by using N of B's 2Way Video "Bz Connector" platform with all its collaborative functions such as Live, Real Time Display and Demo, Video Conferencing and NetVisionTV. These advanced business features have excelled in client marketing and retention. To find out more information about Network of Business’s Video Communication programs, Click Here.

The BzCRM program calendars and schedules appointments, both in office and video conferencing. Your business will receive client respect and client referrals will be the start of the day once you implement the Video Communication and Business Management Programs.

Professionals can select any amount of modules from our BzCRM Business Management Program.

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