Retail Sales

EMailing works, but if all it does is arouse interest, you need something more. Ask Best Buy why Customers Crowd the Store but most Walk out Empty Handed. Inquire as to why their Customers are on their smart phones checking pricing on the net. Yes – its mostly about the price. Are Net Deals Killing the Big Boxes – FOR SURE! So if you've got a Bricks and Mortar, you must also become a Net-tailer and use our Business Sales Management Program.

Our BzCRM and Mass EMailing program can out perform any bulk emailer. Mass emailing to select customers reduces it to a numbers game – the more you email, the more customers you'll get! That's why we built the Biggest and Best Mass eMailing System for our Members who need a Bulk Mail Software that works better than any of the highest priced ones out there.

Check out these Features and Remember, its all FREE from Network of Business. –

  • Our eMail Campaign System formats lists and targets tailored messages to Specialty Business to Business (B2B) lists.

  • Our Mail Merge capability personalizes each of your individual emails.

  • Each email can be confirmed with automatic email notification of delivery and opening.

  • You are able to capture and categorize responses and track the entire response of your email campaign.

  • You can track leads using our centralized BzCRM System.

  • BzCRM plans your email company and budgets your email name list purchasing.

  • You can import data from any source and export data into multiple formats for bulk email campaigns.

Network of Business provides unique Advertising. Any business can list their company in our Business Directories. Members are provided with a Profile page where they can describe their products, services and business in detail. Members can place our Live Video Connector on their Profile Page, Directory Listing, in all their ads and in their own Company Website.

The Live Video Connector instantly connects users (ad responders/buyers/clients) to your Sales Department so your Reps can have a Live Interactive 2Way Video Conference to Display and Demo Products and Services. For more information on the Live Video Connector and all it’s features, Click Here.

To learn more about our BzCRM Business Sales Management, See the Special Features of SFA - Sales Force Automation. We put the BZ - in Sales Force. Click Here.

To Succeed in Sales, you must become Customer - Centric by providing personalized service and improving your Customer Service Department. Once you implement our Business Management Sales Program, your Customers will appreciate the centralized information that you provide and you'll be One Step Above the Competition!

"I’m getting more orders
from the Net than
Walk-ins to my
Wedding Cake Store."